What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Cleaner

Having a clean work environment can prevent a lot of problems. It’s been shown that working in an unsafe or unclean workplace can reduce job satisfaction and productivity. It can also be off-putting to any customers or clients who visit the building. To choose the best commercial cleaning services, the following are some things to consider.

Services Offered

Every company offers different services, which means you need to be sure they offer what you need. Some might do only basic cleaning like dusting and sweeping while others are available to do more major cleaning tasks. The best plan is to meet with the cleaning company you are considering to determine whether your needs mesh well with their service options.


The reputation of your own business can hinge on that of your cleaning company. You want to bring in a company that does a good job and makes your business look great. As such, make sure to ask for references and look up some reviews online. What you find might be very telling and give you an idea of whether to go with them or move on.


You may need cleaning during very specific hours or want certain tasks done on certain days. A reputable cleaning company is one who is willing to work with you to accommodate the schedule that you have in mind.


A perk of using commercial cleaning services is that you don’t need to invest in products and equipment to do the job. In addition, many cleaning companies have better quality equipment that can do the cleaning tasks better and more quickly. Be sure to ask about what products and equipment are provided and what the condition of it is.


A commercial cleaning company that is worth its salt will have different pricing proposals based on your needs. This often means they will tour your business and determine what is needed. Then they can build a proposal that is unique to your company. To make this even easier, you may want to make a list of tasks that you would like to have done so nothing is missed.

Hoboken Commercial Cleaning

Maid in Hoboken offers commercial cleaning with specialized services. We’ll do everything from maintaining the restrooms to disposing of trash and cleaning up the office kitchen. To learn more about our services, you can reach us at 201-659-9500.

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