What to Consider Before Shopping at a Used Ford Dealership

Not all dealerships are equal. That said, picking a used Ford dealer in Clinton TN that you can trust requires exercising care and caution. Here are some signs that you’re at a bad one and that you’ll be better off with a different dealer:

Quality of the cars

If the cars in the lot all look like they’ve been quite around the block, then that’s probably the case. Do a thorough visual check so you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Find rust? While rust can be easy to fix in some cars, it might also indicate structural rust which you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Service levels

Shop at a used Ford dealer in Clinton TN that offers stellar customer service. Remember that you’ll probably going to come back to your dealer for repairs and maintenance checks. It can save you a ton of time and trouble if you find a trustworthy dealership right from the start.


Those warranties can save you a bundle. If the dealer is proud about the warranty service they offer, then they’ll make it easier for you to use. However, if they simply put in a warranty to satisfy the state law, then you’ll see the difference in the terms and conditions offered. Be sure to compare it with other warranties so you have a better idea which one offers you the best package, says U.S. News.

Car records

Any dealer who wants to sell you a used car must also provide you with the records of the car. If the dealer keeps giving you lame excuses for not sending the file or if the dealer insists on sending the paperwork after you’ve bought the car, those are possible signs that the car might have been involved in an accident. Walk away and shop elsewhere.

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