What is Residential Glass Tinting in Columbus, IN?

Residential Glass Tinting in Columbus IN is a procedure where tint is applied to the windows in the home. It is common to have automobile windows tinted, but it is slowly becoming more popular among homeowners as well. Some businesses have also had their windows tinted. The trend is emerging due to the benefits, the overall cost savings, and the flexibility tinting offers. Advantages include privacy, reduced glare from the sun, and less fading and wear of carpets, furniture, and curtains.

People in the home enjoy an unobstructed view out while those passing by cannot see into the home. That is an advantage, especially for homes close to the street, those in close proximity to the neighboring house, and people who live in first-floor apartments. The cost savings, once Residential Glass Tinting in Columbus IN is completed, are significant because they are evident on many levels.

The first savings can be realized in utility bills throughout the year. Heating bills are decreased because tinting adds another layer of insulation. Cooling costs are lower because the sun is blocked from heating up the house. The air conditioning system can be operated less while the family remains cool and comfortable.

Other costs are realized over time. Less fading translates to prolonged lives for carpets, curtains, and other fabrics. Wood furniture require less maintenance because it is not dried out from the rays of the sun constantly beating down on it. The same principle holds true for hardwood floors as well. The cost savings offset the cost of the project because those savings continue for years into the future. The energy-efficiency of the home raises substantially when windows are tinted. The property value also increased by tinting the windows.

Homeowners can contact Kenny Glass for detailed information regarding the process of tinting, pricing, and all the options available. The maximum benefits and cost savings are enjoyed when all windows are tinted at the same time. If budgetary issues are a concern, however, it is possible to tint the windows on the South side of the home first to receive the most benefit. The other windows can be tinted at a later date. Some homeowners opt to have only the first story windows tinted.

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