What Is a Civil Trial Attorney in Louisiana?

Civil law, in general, is all of the laws that don’t include criminal laws. The cases can include everything from writing business contracts to handling personal injuries. Any matters that cannot be settled out of court are generally settled in civil courts. When a person has to go to court to determine the outcome of a case that isn’t a criminal case, they’ll want to hire a Civil Trial Attorney in Louisiana. Some of the cases a civil trial attorney will handle include the following.

Broken Contracts – In some cases, a contract will have specific stipulations outlining what occurs if the contract is broken. If it doesn’t, or if one of the parties argues they shouldn’t have to pay because they were not the one to break the contract, and an agreement cannot be reached, the case might go to court.

Car Accidents – An attorney may take a car accident case to court if the client was seriously injured and the insurance company won’t pay the full amount the person is entitled to or when the insurance company claims the person is responsible and won’t pay at all.

Class-Action Suits – These generally occur when multiple people are injured by a product. The lawyer can take the manufacturer to court, and the general outcome is to try to obtain compensation for everyone who has been injured and to have the product removed from the shelves until it is redesigned and safe.

Non-Payment Suits – When a person is required to pay for something, they can be sued for the full amount if they do not pay on time. This comes into play for credit card debt, broken contracts, child support, and more.

If a person has an issue they cannot solve on their own, they may be able to take the issue to court and have a judge determine the answer. These are just a sample of the types of cases that are heard in courts. A civil trial attorney in Louisiana will be able to let them know whether they have a case and help them work toward a solution. If a solution cannot be found, they will be able to represent the person in court to obtain a resolution. Contact us for more information or to ask questions about your situation.

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