What is a Bad SEO Company

Ever heard of bad business ruining the clientele? The SEO Company going bad is much more of a disaster since not only they hamper their own business but that of their clients as well. Thus, signing up for an incompetent SEO company is a call for disaster through and through. Are you looking for a Connecticut SEO Company? You need to steer clear of the warning signs of bad SEO companies when selecting one.


Some of the surefire signs an SEO Company isn’t good enough, are:

1- No information about the processes of the company: If the SEO Company you’re about to opt for your business would go to any level to safeguard their processes so much so that their clients will remain unaware of the practices used for the search engine optimization, it is a warning sign to notice in one go. The SEO Company has to keep their clients updated about the processes always.

2- Too lucrative offers: If the offer is too good to be true in terms of cost or in terms of a guarantee they are giving you, it is healthy to have an alarm going off in your mind about their services. Doubling of traffic in a short period (say, a month), short cuts to reach no. 1 ranking, etc. are usually scams since upgrading the rankings take time and efforts.

3- They’re hogging on clients: One of the signs of a bad SEO Company is that they’ll focus on acquiring a large number of clients. And though many don’t see this as a problem, it does compromise the quality of SEO service provided to each client. At LionLeaf.com, immense attention is given to each client and their details about the SEO projects so not to compromise on the quality in search of mere quantity, and the quantity of positive customers and quality projects increases with time.

LionLeaf.com is a Connecticut SEO Company which prides in its professional services, providing attention to the details, customer satisfaction and increased positive results in terms of SEO rankings which help the clients get ahead with their businesses.

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