What If You Really Desire A Subaru Legacy In Chicago But Cannot Afford A New One?

Many might find this a strange question since the sticker price (also known as the MSRP or manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the lower end models is only around $25,290 and most dealers are only too keen to arrange financing or leasing. Higher end models can be in excess of $31,000. In addition, many dealers will settle for something lower than the MSRP in order to clinch a sale.

However, there will always be those who do not believe in getting into debt through financing and genuinely cannot justify spending out the asking price for a new model. These are the ones who will be looking for a good condition second hand vehicle. Generally speaking, pre-owned examples sell for between $17,000 and $31,000.

Joining them in this search, there may also be those who are looking for a classic early model or something newer that has a spec that is no longer available. For example, manual transmission has been recently discontinued in the US market (replaced with Lineartronic CVT on all models).

Getting A Good Buy For Your Buck

You could roam America looking for someone currently owning a Legacy (that could be acceptable to you) and wishing to sell it privately to a direct buyer. But; it could be a long and arduous process. This can be short circuited if you decide to make your purchase from a second hand car dealer. However, there might be an element of risk involved especially if you go to an independent dealer who might prove to be somewhat unscrupulous. You might get a fantastic car in great condition at a fabulously low price; or, you could end up with something that is always breaking down and soon costs you a lot of money in repair bills. How do you know where to go?

Authorized New Car Dealerships

An authorized Subaru dealer will have all the equipment necessary to maintain these cars in best condition and most of their mechanics will have received factory training. When one of their satisfied customers decides that it is time to change his or her car; they will most likely trade it in as part exchange for the new one.

If the old vehicle has been 100% dealer maintained and serviced and is in sound condition with a known, recorded history; the dealer may decide to offer it as one of their certified pre-owned vehicles (possibly at a small price premium; but, with value added features such as warranties and service plans).

Your starting point for a reliable Used Subaru Legacy In Chicago should be one such dealer – Hawk Subaru in Joliet maybe? Click here for more details.

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