What Happens During Oil Pipeline Repair?

Have you ever wondered how oil pipeline repair works? With so much oil and natural gas being streamed through those pipelines on a daily basis, how can oil companies simply take an entire length out of production? The facts about pipeline repair may help you appreciate the petroleum and natural gas products you use every day that much more!

Phase One

First, employees and managers identify problems that require repair rather than another solution. Pipelines are designed for long-term use, but maintenance throughout their useful lifespan is important. An integrity dig may take place to find out if the pipe has indeed been compromised.

Once issues become evident, a closing off of the pipeline or shutting down of the area takes place. The idea is to isolate the smallest section of pipeline possible and create an alternate route for gas or oil in the meantime. If this is not possible, companies must notify consumers of upcoming shortages promptly and in enough time to make arrangements therefor.

Repair Begins

After sectioning off the area in need of repair and notifying employees and consumers, repair gets underway. For minor anomalies in the pipeline, employees may apply pressure clamps, or create reinforcements to make the pipeline stronger. Often, pipelines can become bent or damaged from the weight put on them if buried underground, requiring these simple measures to repair them.

If a leak is present, greater measures are necessary. A temporary fix may involve stronger pressure clamps or a replacement to a small section of the pipe, but in general, an overall replacement of the leaking section is usually called for. Once the replacement section is in place and checked for proper fit, oil or natural gas products are released to stream through once again.

Oil and natural gas pipeline repair have become a speedy process in recent years. What once might have taken weeks or more now often takes only a matter of days at most. Modern Calgary pipeline repair companies do their best to provide fast, affordable, and top-quality repair services to the oil companies they serve. This not only keeps the lights on at these oil production facilities, but it also keeps the lights on all around the world!

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