What Are the Warning Signs of Memory Impairment?

We all have occasional lapses in memory. Even children, whose minds remain bright and fully focused, can forget things they learned yesterday. However, memory impairment can be an early warning sign of further cognitive decline in seniors. Memory impairment is a common concern among New Jersey residents. This article will offer you an overview of some of the warning signs so that you can seek help for memory impairment as soon as possible.

There is no need to fret about forgetting where you put your keys. However, if you are forgetting regularly where your everyday items are, it may be a sign that you are suffering from debilitating memory loss. Everyone forgets things now and again, particularly when frazzled, under stress, or in a rush. Do pay attention to when there are longer term patterns of memory impairment, especially if the issues become progressively worse and the episodes increasingly frequent.

Another sign of memory impairment is forgetting appointments. If you have a loved one who has repeatedly missed appointments and seems confused, the time is right to call a professional memory expert in New Jersey. Memory impairment specialists can offer tests that can show whether treatment is necessary, and what your options are in New Jersey.

Memory impairment sometimes manifests as general cognitive impairment. A common concern is confusion. If you know someone who suddenly seems confused about where they are, it could be a warning sign. Suddenly talking about things that have no relevance to the situation is also a sign the person is confused and does not remember who they are speaking with or why they are in the room. As painful as it is to notice, pay attention to these types of warning signs of memory impairment and take action as soon as you can.

Early intervention is the key to slow memory impairment. Every day, researchers are developing new techniques, medications, and technologies that will help slow the progress of cognitive decline.

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