What Are The Benefits Of Tuckpointing?

Those homeowners fortunate enough to have a fireplace and chimney know that the feature adds to the value and appeal of the home. Although all brick needs periodic attention, chimneys in particular need attention at some point. The mortar joints between the bricks are subjected to the full force of Mother Nature, in particular a great deal of water, snow and ice. When moisture manages to permeate the mortar it weakens it. Tuckpointing contractors in Oak Park have the skill to repair what is, an ongoing process if not corrected.

Why does tuckpointing become necessary?

A typical chimney consists of bricks and mortar. Bricks have a lifespan that can often exceed a century; mortar on the other hand might last 25 years depending on the exposure. When the mortar joints begin to fail the homeowner is faced with a decision; hire a reputable tuckpointing contractor in Oak Park and repair the damage or sit back, let the condition worsen and eventually be faced with replacing the whole chimney. Needless to say it is far less to repair the chimney than it is to replace it.

What are the benefits of tuckpointing?

* Stop further erosion of the mortar joints
* Restoration of the chimneys structural stability
* Prevents the ingress of water into the flue lining
* The value of your home is not jeopardized due to a repairable problem

Tuckpointing is not a new “art,” the procedure has been in use since the 1700s. The contractors hand chisels the mortar from between the bricks, being very careful not to damage the fired surface of the bricks. Once the joint is cleaned to a depth of about an inch, fresh mortar is inserted into the joint. Once the process has been completed the repairs are almost impossible to see and easily good for another 25 years.

If you notice that the mortar between the bricks on your chimney or wall is beginning to fail you should call tuckpointing contractors in Oak Park to perform the tedious task of mortar replacement. You are invited to contact Fortune Restoration.

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