Ways That Draperies Can Enhance Your Room

When decorating a new room, draperies are seldom the first thing that come to mind. After all, there’s bigger things that are taken into consideration. For instance, the furniture, how to fit it in the room, and then how to arrange them artistically.

When we finally come to think of the window coverings, however, it’s easy to see that it has just as much impact as everything else in the room, perhaps even more. Put even the fanciest chair in an empty room and you don’t get anything much other than a chair in a room. Hang just the right drapery and you can invoke a range of moods. Here are three ways that these unassuming, but functional pieces of cloth can enhance your room.

Color and Mood

Your choice of color and print of your draperies can drastically affect the mood of your room. Using warm colors such as yellow, orange and red can fill the room with energy and luminosity. Cool colors like blue, green and purple, however, can promote calm and relaxation.

Print and Accent

Your choice of print, on the other hand, helps your personality shine, whether you choose something fun and playful, luxe and elegant or plain and classic. Don’t be content in placing uniform draperies all over your room, however. Select one place in the room you would like to place emphasis on and drape it with an eye-popping print, instantly making it the accent of the room.

Light Play

You can do wonders with the way curtains can dim or brighten your room, whether they’re curtains or lamp shades. The right choice and arrangement of drapery can allow you to use light in bringing focus to certain areas of the room or creating certain shapes of light. This can be done by picking the right translucency of cloth, as well as adjusting their coverage or tying them.

There are numerous places to find draperies and curtains. You can buy them ready-made or design your own with your choice of fabric and style and have them custom make. With such a large variety of window coverings in various colors, prints, textures and thicknesses you can maximum control over the look of your rooms. You can visit Blinds & Designs for more information. You can also like them on Facebook.

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