Warning Signs Of Transmission Trouble

by | Aug 14, 2012 | Automotive

When your car is working properly, you may not think about all the intricate moving parts that combine to help operate the car. However, when something goes wrong you may want to learn all you can about the problem so that you can know how to resolve it. Knowing the warning signs of trouble can help you get the problem taken care of quickly before it has a chance to become a bigger issue.

One system in your car that you may have problems with is your transmission. Transmissions in Mesa are responsible for allowing your car to shift from gear to gear. This is done by converting the speed of the engine into torque. The power that is produced is transmitted from the motor to the drive mechanism. The transmission in your car is what enables your car to shift gears without needing to shut off the engine first.

As with any system in your car, transmissions in Mesa can develop problems. In a manual transmission when the system is operating normally, your vehicle should stay in the gear you shift to. In an automatic transmission, it will stay in the gear that your car’s computer designates as determined by the RPM of your engine. If you are having issues with the gears slipping when you are driving, this can be a major indicator of transmission trouble. Because this can be a potentially dangerous problem, do not wait to have your system examined. Take your car in to a shop right away.

One of the most obvious indicators that your transmission needs attention is leaking transmission fluid. If you spot some fluid under your car, you can tell it is transmission fluid if it is clear and bright red. It will also have a certain sweet smell to it if everything is functioning properly. If it is a dark color or has a burnt smell, this can be an indication that there is something wrong. Transmissions in Mesa do not consume or burn up the transmission fluid, so if the levels are low, this can indicate that there is a leak and that the system needs to be inspected.

If a check engine light pops up on your dash, do not ignore it. This can be a sign that there is a problem with transmissions in Mesa. In fact, this might be one of the earliest indicators of trouble. Often times this light will come on before there are any other warning signs.

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