Upgrading Old Stud Welders: What To Consider In New Technology And Options

At some point in time, it will become imperative to upgrade existing equipment and systems of any type for any type with any type of use. With stud welders, which are often some of the most used equipment in large construction projects, the need to upgrade allows for the option to choose a power source and hand-held tool that may offer additional technology benefits and design features.

The need for new stud welders is a perfect time to consider different brands and models and to take a closer look at areas where your existing system may not be performing to your needs.

CD or Drawn Arc

The first consideration will be the need to look for drawn arc or Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud welders. Both systems will include the same basic components including the power source, cables, and the hand-held weld tool.

It is the features and options offered, with most being included with the power source, which can really upgrade your current abilities. However, both the hand-held weld tools or the robotic weld tools can also be optimized for easy setup and the best performance across a range of working conditions.

Power Source

With any of the systems of stud welders, it is possible to mix and match the three components. Buying from the same manufacturer will have definite advantages and is highly recommended.

The new technology in the power sources for stud welding provides the option to program the pilot arc to modify the system for use in special situations where the standard settings are not optimal. Additionally, trackers that help to monitor the need for maintenance as well as locking features that prevent operators from accidentally or intentionally changing pre-selected settings are also options that are well worth considering.

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