Understanding Teeth Whitening in Willingbor

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Dentist

If your teeth are stained and you feel embarrassed of your smile, there are now many options available to improve the appearance of your teeth. Through Teeth Whitening in Willingboro, you can have your teeth brought to the level of whitening you only dreamed could occur. There are different ways you can have your teeth whitened. Many people try to use the at-home kits, quickly finding they do not work in giving you true whitening benefits. Since they simply remove the outer stains, they never treat the dentin that lies deep within the tooth.

When you go in for Teeth Whitening in Willingboro, you will first have your teeth completely cleaned. This process is important whether you are having laser whitening or bleaching. Your teeth need to be clean so the whitening process can be more effective. Once your teeth are cleaned, the dentist will mix the whitening ingredients together. This whitening procedure uses Hydrogen Peroxide, a much stronger formulation than you can use at home. This Hydrogen Peroxide helps to remove the deepest of stains, bringing your teeth to a dramatic whiteness in as little as one treatment. Click here

If your teeth are severely stained, you may need more treatments. The Teeth Whitening in Willingboro dentist will make the call on how many treatments you may need. With subsequent treatments, your teeth can be whitened, even if they are deeply stained because of medications or health problems. Your dentist will also give you an at-home whitening protocol to use between your whitening treatments. This will help to prevent stains from invading your teeth and will keep them as white as possible.

If you are tired of the way your teeth look and wish they could be whiter, contact your dentist today. Though an Emergency Dentist cannot give you whitening treatments, your general dentist can. If you are in need of teeth whitening or other dental treatments, Contact Willingboro Family Dental today. They will be glad to meet with you and give you information on the different treatment options available. You will be amazed at the appearance of your teeth, once they have been beautifully whitened.

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