Tucson Property Managers Point Out Hot Spots in the Local Rental Market

Saguaro cactuses, striking mountains that tower over the desert floor, and some of the clearest, bluest skies to be found anywhere in the world: Tucson is truly a special place to visit or to live. In addition to boasting so much in the way of natural beauty, the city also has a lot going for it in human terms. A laid-back pace of life allows residents to relax and enjoy their impressive surroundings while a low cost of living makes it easy for everyone from University of Arizona students to fixed-income retired to get by. Low property prices and strong, consistent rental demand also mean that Tucson can be a great place for real estate investors to pick up new projects.

The city’s Property Managers are typically a good barometer as to just what those investors are doing and where. As is usual, they report that student-oriented rentals surrounding the University remain a strong option for those interested in that kind of business. Student-focused apartment buildings and single-family homes within a few blocks of the University on its northern side typically fill up well before school starts every fall, making it easy for investors to coast through the academic year securely.

For those who are more comfortable catering to older, more established tenants, there are plenty of good options, too. Lower and middle income families still congregate around the Campbell corridor that runs from just east of downtown almost to the feet of the Santa Catalina mountains in the north. That strip of well-developed road mixes appealing multi-family developments with stores, services, and amenities that contribute, over much of its length, to a relatively walkable feel.

Local Property Managers like the one based at Website also report renewed interest in the eastern side of town. After much in the way of build up in the 1980s and 1990s, many of the large apartment complexes along the eastern stretches of Speedway and Broadway fell on relatively hard times. Tucson’s growth has finally caught up, though, and both those developments and newer ones springing up in their midst are now finally popular with tenants, opening up new opportunities for those inclined to seize them.

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