Troubleshooting Before Calling Tanning Bed Repair Services

For tanning salons, keeping tanning beds up and running is essential. When the beds are not working, or not functioning correctly, clients are dissatisfied, revenue is lost, and staff is left trying to deal with scheduling nightmares.

Before calling in a tanning bed repair, there are some basic checks that staff can perform to ensure the problem is not something minor. A few quick checks may be all that is needed to get the bed back up and running or it will verify that a professional service call will be necessary.

Check the Power
If a tanning bed will not power on, the first step it to make sure the machine is plugged in. It is possible for cleaning staff or even a customer catch their foot or even drop something on the cord that may disconnect it from the wall socket. Even a slight movement in the outlet can result in no power to the bed.

When the plug is in the wall correctly, the next step will be to make sure there is power to the outlet. Staff should know how to check the breaker to make sure the particular breaker for that room wasn’t tripped. Power the breaker back on by pushing the switch into the on position. Unplug the bed and plug it back in and try the power again.

Some models and styles of beds will not turn on if a bulb is defective or not seated correctly in the socket. Check to verify all are in place and not loose.

If these issues do not correct the problem,contact your tanning bed repair service to determine the cause of the problem.

Lamps Not Working
Depending on the style of the bed, if the bed itself is on but the lamps are not coming on it is often a problem with a fuse or an internal connection. If you have an older style of bed in the salon, you can replace the fuse easily on your own. With the newer models you will need professional assistance to check the fuse and to also ensure that all internal wiring is free from any damage.

Bulbs may also fail to light in a tanning bed if the bulbs are simply burned out or incorrectly seated. Some tanning beds may not turn on without all bulbs working.

It is important for any tanning beds under warranty to avoid trying to fix things yourself. Instead, call in qualified tanning bed repair services to prevent accidentally voiding the remainder of the warranty.

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