Trends Seen in Luxury Homes Houston

If you are looking to buy a new luxury residence in the Houston, Texas area, then you may be curious as to what the latest trends are in luxury homes in Houston. Here are a few of the interesting modifications seen lately in Houston luxury homes.

Luxury Homes in Houston Mixes Indoor, Outdoor Living

One trend seen in luxury homes Houston residents are buying is the mixing of indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is being done by building a patio that also has A/C and heating, as well as mosquito screens and French doors that open to the patio straight from the living room. Some even have sliding glass walls.

Houston Homes are Becoming Smart Homes

These days a lot of appliances come with smart technology where you can control the item from outside of the home, or that sends you reports, alerts you to a problem, or even tells you that it’s time to clean the lint from a clothes dryer. So, the trendy Houston homeowner is sure to want these types of appliances in their new home.

Specialized Rooms for Pets, Owners

Luxury homes Houston homeowners with pets are demanding that Fido or Kitty get their own special room in the house. These usually have a pet friendly sink, a dog shower, and other pet friendly innovations.

And the trendy owner also wants a wine cellar or closet in their home with special humidity and temperature controls to keep their wine collection safe, secure and at peak flavor.

Material Accents for Houston Walls

Walls with painted accents are also popular. Walls that are made in sheetrock, stone and reclaimed woods are being seen in the best luxury homes. These are being done in all kinds of colors and materials.

Other trends are textured walls that work more like a piece of art than a room divider. Builders are experimenting with different materials and colors. If you are looking for luxury homes Houston residents are proud of, look for these new trends.

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