Transforming Junk Cars St. Paul MN into Used Car Parts

by | May 11, 2013 | Automotive

People are keeping their cars for much longer periods of time. High price tags and repair costs make it hard to save up enough money to buy a car without a loan. Because of the weak economy, many people have poor credit ratings and can’t qualify for attractive loans. By the time they are ready to purchase another car, there is very little resale value left in it. Often they just call a Junk Cars St. Paul MN dealer and tell them to come haul it away. There are also people who cannot afford to have their car repaired and it sits idly in the driveway. When the person is short for cash, they realize they can call an auto salvage yard and sell it.

A Junk Cars St. Paul MN dealer doesn’t just crush the junk car and sell it for scrap metal. It should really be called a used parts car. Once that car arrives at a Used Car Parts Northfield MN yard, it becomes part of an extensive recycling and reuse supply chain. While it may not look as pretty as pristine open space, it is just as important in preserving the environment. Auto salvage yards use sophisticated computer software, designed especially for that industry, to track a car and its parts through they salvage process. When a car arrives at the salvage yard, a parts manager decides whether it should be broken down immediately for its parts or just left to sit in the yard.

Skilled dismantlers remove, test, tag, and clean the auto parts from the car. They use the most sophisticated air tools to work as fast as possible. It is this efficiency that allows a salvage yard to sell used auto parts at a fraction of the cost. A large operation will dismantle about 5,000 cars a year. When a person calls the Junk Cars St. Paul MN yard looking for a part, the parts manager can track every part in the warehouse. Sometimes the part is actually still on a car in the yard. Within 24 hours the part in the car can be removed and on its way to the customer.

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