Top Tips for Staying Warm in Your Apartment this Upcoming Winter Season

So, you have finally sifted through the monthly rentals in San Diego and found an apartment that is perfect for you. Now, you are settling in, just in time for the winter to settle in along with you. Living in an apartment has its advantages when it comes to keeping the apartment heated. Still, you will want to read on below for some of the top tips for staying warm in your apartment this upcoming winter season.

Go Through and Seal Up Any Cracks

Cracks and crevices can let all the cold air into your apartment, making the choice of monthly rentals in San Diego seem like a bad one. However, if you take a walk around your apartment before the cold sets in and look for cracks and crevices, it won’t take you long to seal them and be snug as a bug in a rug when the weather drops below freezing outside.

Check the Fireplace

One of the biggest things you can do to help keep your apartment warm during the harsh winter months is to make sure that the damper on your fireplace is closed. If you feel a draft when the fireplace is in use or it makes a whistling sound when the wind blows, it’s probably time to invest in closing your damper. In this way, you keep the warmth in the apartment, and the cold air out. If you have a fireplace in your apartment, be sure to check the damper first thing.

These are some of the best tips around for making sure that your apartment is warm this upcoming winter season. For more information, contact the professionals at Foxwood Apartments for details on apartments that are empty and ready for you to make them your home.

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