Tips For Selecting An InnoSwitch Transformer

InnoSwitch is a recognized name in the field of power integration, transformers, switches and charger interfaces. This company provides fully ENERGY STAR and ErP TEC compliant components that can be used in everything from HVAC system to mobile battery chargers for smartphones.

One product they make is the InnoSwitch transformer, which is used to convert main voltage or line voltage to low voltage for fixtures such as low voltage LED lighting. Without these transformers, the low voltage LED lights could not be used in a building wired for main power, so they are an important consideration.

Choosing the right InnoSwitch transformer, or even if you are considering another type of low voltage transformer, isn’t just a simple matter. You will need to make several decisions before selecting the right one for your home, business or specific use requirements.

It is important to consider these steps in the order provided. Think of this as a narrowing down process, so you want to make sure you include everything you need while eliminating what won’t work. If you choose out of order, you may find you get the wrong transformer for the job.

The Volts

Typically for American fixtures, you will find that the power source has an output of 120 volts, but there are some that may be designed for 270. You should also determine if you need to have the system operating on a 12 or 24 volt, which will be provided on the fixture packaging.

Transformer Type

This is really a personal choice type of decision. With a magnetic transformer, you will find a slightly larger unit, but they are very long lasting and durable. There is also an electronic transformer which comes equipment with a built-in inverter, which means it is a small component.

You can choose either option and typically there will be little variation between one or the other. The one big advantage of the electronic option is that it can be reset in the event of an overload by simply flicking the wall switch.


Regardless of the type or the required voltage, choose an InnoSwitch transformer that has a wattage that is at or above what your light fixtures will pull. In other words, if you have more than one light fixture connecting to the same transformer you have to use a cumulative total, not the amount of one or the largest fixture.

There are also various styles of transformers. The two most common are enclosed and non-enclosed, and both can work very effectively depending on where they are being installed and operated.

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