Tips for Getting the Best Prices on Residential Heating Oil in Long Island, NY

The cost of heating oil can make up a large part of a homeowner’s expenses, especially during the winter months. When heating oil prices rise, it can have a significant impact on a homeowner’s budget. A few tips can make it easier to comparison shop and get a good deal on Residential Heating Oil Long Island NY prices.

Locking in the Price

Signing a contract to use a particular company for the year can be beneficial because it fixes the price you’ll need to pay. In some cases, the price is fixed so that you pay the same no matter what happens to oil prices in general. A better option is to have the price capped so that it won’t go over a certain amount but will go down if the price for oil drops.

Join a Co-Op

Co-ops and oil buying groups are sometimes able to get up to 20 percent off oil prices by buying in bulk.

Consider Pre-Buying

If the Residential Heating Oil Long Island NY prices are particularly low, consider pre-buying the heating oil you’ll need for the season. Then if the prices go up, you’ll have saved money. First look into the short-term energy outlook on the US Energy Information Administration website to get an idea if the prices for fuel are expected to go up or down and whether the winter weather is supposed to be relatively mild or particularly cold and snowy. Check to see how much oil you’ve used in previous years to estimate how much to buy. Visit here for more information.

Cash on Delivery

There are some discount oil dealers that will deliver on a C.O.D. basis at reduced prices. This can help limit overall costs compared to a company that bills you after delivery, but it requires you to be able to pay with cash or a credit card in full whenever a delivery takes place. Some people prefer to sign a contract with a full-service company that also provides regular maintenance.

Getting Assistance

For those who qualify, some assistance for purchasing heating oil is provided by federal, state and local governments. Your local electric company may know about any such discounts in your area and there’s also a government benefits finder website where you can search for assistance programs you’re eligible for.

Contact OK Petroleum for a quote. You can even order your heating oil online to make the whole process easier.

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