Tips For Facilities Planning To Sell Used Medical Equipment

Upgrading or replacing old equipment is a great time to add capacity, capability and efficiency to any lab or medical facility. While this is all exciting and innovative, there is still one problem to consider.

This problem is in the form of the existing equipment that you no longer need. This equipment is worth money, even if it is not in top working condition, but finding a buyer can be a challenge. This is not equipment that has a wide target audience so finding potential buyers can be difficult.

Then, in addition to trying to find a potential buyer, there is always the challenge with pricing the equipment correctly and storing it until it can be sold. There will also be the time spent in phone calls from potential buyers, all which can create a lot of extra work.

A better option is to sell used medical equipment to a refurbishing company specializing in these types of devices. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams and disreputable buyers out there, so finding a medical supply company with a top reputation will be important.

Research the Buyer

If you are going to sell used medical equipment find a buyer you are comfortable in approaching and working with. All reputable companies will have websites and will have contact information that clearly establishes they are a true business.

Be very careful of people simply showing up to ask about buying used lab or medical equipment as these are typically not legitimate buyers but rather people trying to broker potential deals and having no interest in actually buying your equipment.

Know Prices

When you are working with a reputable medical refurbishing company, you will be offered a fair market price for your used equipment. It is still a good idea to have a general concept of what the used price is for equipment in similar condition and of the same model and brand.

Remember, you cannot compare the price to new equipment or the cost of replacement. Used equipment will always be lower in price than new, even if it has limited signs of use and has been very well-maintained.

Have a Written Contact

Only agree to sell used medical equipment with a written contract, never a verbal agreement or a handshake deal. The contract should include specific information on the equipment being sold, the price as well as all issues about delivery or pick-up of the equipment. To be legally binding the contract has to be signed by both the seller and the buyer.

A reputable buyer will provide 100% of the agreed upon price before taking possession of the equipment. Companies only offer a percentage and then the rest of the payment upon “inspection at their facility” are most often fraudulent and will not pay the balance, leaving you to either simply leave the equipment with them or pay to have it returned.

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