Tips For Buying A Tablet 10 Inch Size

If you are in the market for a tablet, a 10 inch size option is typically the most common and the best option for most people. Narrowing down your selection to the right tablet starts with thinking a bit about your needs and then comparing the cost, features and options with various brands.

Just a few years ago if you were in the market for a tablet, a 10 inch model may have only been available from one or two different companies. These were the big mobile technology companies, and this resulted in high prices for these small devices that were definitely not as sophisticated as the models of today.

The good news for consumers is that not only did more independent companies start producing their own versions of tablets, but there are even different sizes to consider. These include the smaller tablet and larger phone types of options, often known as phablets, or the more traditional tablet at 10 inch sizes or larger.

Android Tablets

There are many different companies that market an Android tablet. This is great for consumers as it helps to reduce the cost while also boosting the variety of features, functions and options to consider.

As all Android system work on open source Linux operating systems, it is easy for companies to use the software and create their own tablets. This is very different than the Apple operating systems that are proprietary and therefore limited to just Apple as the manufacturer.

Options to Consider

With Android tablets, it will be essential to consider the reputation of the manufacturer, which is true for any type of mobile device including smartphones and tablets. Choosing a reputable manufacturer means that the tablet will function correctly and will be free from issues such as crashes, problems with wireless systems and issues with the operating system.

Android Operating System

In addition to versions, there are several different types of Android operating systems, all with relatively unique names, such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Kit Kat and Jelly Bean to name just a few. Different operating systems offer different features and may or may not work with all apps and functions required.

While everyone wants a tablet they can use out of the box, it is also important to consider the future use of the tablet. As technology evolves very rapidly, choosing a system and a manufacturer that has allowed for growth and continued use as the technology changes.

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