Things to consider when buying furniture for your kids

A well stocked kids furniture store in Chicago is an ideal place to go if your desire is to create a truly child friendly room. Little kids struggle when they only have adult sized chairs, beds sofas, etc to sit on or crawl into, these large pieces of furniture can actually intimidate a child. This is the principal reason why parents shop for furniture which has been designed and manufactured with kids in mind, this “pint size” furniture is a welcome addition to a child’s room. Before purchasing kids furniture though there are a number of issues that must be considered, including durability, price, style and above all, safety.

When you first walk into a kid’s furniture store in Chicago the first thing that must be taken into account is safety. Children’s furniture is always designed and built to satisfy a state or country safety code and it cannot be stressed enough that any furniture you buy must have met the safety guidelines. Regardless of where the children’s furniture may have been fabricated there are agencies on the ground that subjects the pieces to stringent tests before approval is given to sell them in the US. If the piece you are looking at has been around for awhile it is always a good idea to check first to ensure that it is not on a recall list.

Although some older pieces of children’s furniture can be complimentary to a design scheme, pay particular attention to the finish. Years ago lead based paint was used; this has been proven to be a definite hazard to any child. When you buy kids furniture you have to try and look at it through the eyes of your child. If there are two styles of toy chests available; one hinges open and the other slides open you will know just by looking at them that a sliding top is better as it cannot fall and trap a youngsters had or fingers.

Durability is often not an issue as it is expected that the kids will soon grow out of it anyway. Even though this may be the case the furniture must be sturdy and be built so that is can stand up to the abuse that kids can put it through. Although small tea tables and chairs don’t have to be bulletproof, a set of bunk beds that will take a child well into their teens should be built sturdy.

Having said all this, when you do go into a kid’s furniture store in Chicago the best pieces are usually those that are build well and make the kids comfortable in their little environment.

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