The Value of a Lambswool Roller for Painting

Whether you are a professional painter or you have a large painting project ahead of you, it’s important to have the best tools for the job. Cheaply made rollers and brushes will not hold up under difficult painting conditions, and they won’t do a very good job either. You have many choices when it comes to painting supplies, and a lambswool roller can be one of your most valuable tools. What’s so great about lambskin products? Let’s look a little closer to see.

What is Lambskin?

A lambkin roller is made from the wool of young sheep. In fact, the best products are taken from the first shearing of the lambs when they are about six months old. At this age, the animals have very fine wool that’s extremely soft and highly absorbent.

Unlike manmade materials, the fibers in a high-quality lambswool roller are smooth and strong. They are also very elastic, so your roller will last a long time when properly cared for. Lambskin has a natural resistance to water, and if you have respiratory problems or allergies, lambswool is one of the best materials you can use because it’s hypoallergenic.

Why Choose Merino Wool Products?

Man has bred sheep for their wool for thousands of years, and Merino sheep produce some of the highest quality wool products you can buy. The wool is softer and more durable than standard wool and completely biodegradable. If your lambswool roller is made from Merino wool, you have an exceptional painting tool.


Lambskin paint rollers can be used with all kinds of paints. Here are some more advantages they provide:

  • Maximum absorbency – you don’t have to keep re-applying paint.
  • Faster painting times
  • Fewer problems with dripping and running paint
  • Easy application
  • Your lambswool roller is easy to clean and care for.
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