The Slot Wall System for Commercial Uses

The slot wall provides a safe, secure system to solve storage and display challenges in retail and industrial applications.

The Basics

The system consists of a rod with a uniquely designed “slot” fastened to aluminum panels to anchor the rod and give it strength and versatility. Slot inserts fit the unique slot design to secure a shelf, display case, or storage unit on the panel. Depending on the strength desired to handle specified weight, a die can be designed for custom jobs for highly specialized uses.

Why Use Aluminum?

Aluminum is much easier to work with for extrusion processes. It is mixed with magnesium to give the metal greater strength yet retain its lightweight. The metal is heated to a relatively low 900 degrees F and cast in a round rod called a billet. The billet is then pushed through a die to create the rods or “slats” with high quality finish. The metal is “cured” for greater strength by air. The rods are cut with a finishing saw and easily stored and shipped due its light weight.

Commercial Use

Retailers like the slot wall system to attach display shelving to a wall. Whenever they need to change the display, it is easy to remove the aluminum slot inserts and change the shelving units around for a new wall design, without having to remove the entire wall system. The same is true for display cabinets that may change location over time. Storage units are attached to the wall in industrial areas and may be shifted to new locations onto the wall as the need arises.

Manufacturing plants will use the system for heavy-duty uses in storing equipment and specialized tools. The wall unit is especially useful due to its ability to change the location of the tools or storage units as new job functions dictate. Architects and engineers designing floor plans for efficient production, will use a slot wall system to allow for changes in work flow requirements for different jobs. The ability to safely secure the units to a flexible system is crucial for modern factory processes.

Stackable Units

Stacking the wall units will provide greater strength to accommodate greater weight and prevent the panels from buckling and releasing the units unexpectedly. By organizing storage units to hang by the unit and stack together, greater weight is achieved and prevents the panels from buckling. Organizational units for special tasks in commercial settings will require stackable units to ensure security and strength.

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