The Search For Fabric: How Designers Choose

While many established designers may have a system for seeking out fabric, or have already compiled a list of trusted vendors, emerging designers who are just starting out on their fashion journey have a few options when it comes to sourcing the best fabric for their projects. Here are just a few methods by which up-and-coming designers might seek out fabric, along with some tips for getting your own textiles noticed in the process.

Tradeshows And Collections

Fabric tradeshows are one of the biggest opportunities for designers to find textiles for their projects, as well as your chance to make an impression upon hundreds—or thousands—of browsing designers. At a fabric tradeshow, you’ll want to set up a booth or stand at which you can showcase your offerings in an eye-catching and noticeable way. When designers are browsing, they’re going to be drawn to stands that aren’t like the rest, or stands that have something unique to offer. You’ll want to make sure to have fabric swatches on hand for designers to look at, and hopefully, they’ll decide to place an order for some samples – commonly referred to as hangers.

Seeking Out Suppliers

Designers will also seek out suppliers on their own, sourcing manufacturers and independent vendors. Often, manufacturers will have minimum order requirements, which might not be economically sound for designers who are just starting out. Lennertson Sample Company offers no minimum quantity requirements, providing sampling tools for any order large or small.

Going To The Source

Many dealers of fabric are just middlemen who purchase from manufacturers and then sell the product to designers. For some designers, going directly to the manufacturer may be the most cost-effective option, as it cuts out the middleman costs associated with obtaining the product. If you manufacture your own fabric, you’ll want to give your customers the product directly from the source. Distributing to dealers might not always be the best way to effectively sell your product, especially if you fabric business is relatively small.

Your strategy for getting noticed by designers and marketing your fabric should always be evolving, and you should always keep an eye on different trends and climates in the fashion industry. Overall, one of your best bets for grabbing the eye of many new designers is to really stand out at a fabric trade show. Designers will always be on the lookout for the best fabrics – make sure you have a way to make yours stand out!

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