The Sales Coaching Institute – Private Cloud Storage Services for Firms in Dallas

Even though most companies talk a big game about secure cloud management, most networks aren’t anywhere near as secure or private as they’re supposed to be. Over half of all cloud businesses had at least one major security breach last year, and that figure is expected to grow over the next decade. Some studies even claim that three out of four storage hosts admitted that they knew of a major backdoor that could let crackers have a look at data.

Preventing an Intrusion

Security sweeps are vital to ensure that unwanted visitors don’t snoop on computer networks. A packet is generally the smallest amount of information that can pass through a network at any given time. Timed scanning services check every packet moving between servers to make sure that nothing goes awry. These run as a service on the host operating system that the server uses and periodically records every vulnerability found in a log file.

The problem is that many system administrators don’t actually bother to check the log file in question. Some cloud hosts are understaffed or don’t do all of their own work. When it comes to private cloud storage Dallas area firms actually need hosts that pay attention to each vulnerability to make sure that people aren’t peering on their data. This is important in every business sector, but it’s especially important in the healthcare and banking segments due to a large amount of private information that could cause problems for customers if it were released.

Keeping Information Private

When it comes to private cloud storage Dallas area companies are often concerned about security. Storage hosts often claim that data is private when certain loopholes allow prying eyes to get at it. Keeping information secret is extremely important in just about every industry.

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