The Necessity of Gutter Repair in Orland Park

An inch of rain might not sound like much, but on an average sized house, an inch of rain can mean close to 2,000 gallons falling on your roof. If you did not have quality gutters, that water would just run down the walls. Water running down the walls raises the possibility of damping in your house. It also robs your house of heat, encourages mold and mildew growth, and ultimately undermines the foundation of your home. Did you know your gutters did so much? Well, they do. That’s why gutter repair is so important at the first sign of gutter problems. It could also be time for gutter upgrades.


A concept from Japan has been growing in popularity in the United States. That is called a rain chain. Typically, in a gutter, the rain will run through and down the downspout. However, many people are choosing to replace their downspout with a rain chain. This is a chain that goes where your downspout used to be. The water will run on or in the chain, depending on which chain you choose. It will often run into a dry well or a rain bucket. The surface tension of the water keeps it adhered to the chain. It is an incredible alternative to a normal downspout. When you are choosing your gutter repair in Orland Park, ask about rain chains.

You should contact Mueller Roofing Inc. and ask them what sorts of upgrades you should consider for your house. Many are functional as well as aesthetic.

Rain Barrels

If you are calling about gutter repair, you should also ask about rain barrels. A rain barrel will allow you to collect rainwater for different purposes. You might collect it to channel it into a pond on your property. You might collect it just for the aesthetics.

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