The Importance of Residential Land Surveys

Land surveys are generally conducted from time to time by private survey companies. The property lines as designated by the government and the legal bodies must be followed during the construction of the property. If the building exceeds its property lines, there is a chance that some other party might file a lawsuit and claim compensation. Residential land surveys are usually carried out by private land surveyors with precision equipment. Most of the equipment that land surveyors use is powered by GPS technology to ensure the accuracy of data. Because the images are taken using a satellite, land surveyors are able to get very accurate and precise readings. Here are a few reasons why land surveys are so important.

Protect Your Investment

If you are investing money in any new property, it’s generally recommended that you hire a land survey conductor to carry out a thorough survey first. By having residential land surveys conducted first, you will know the exact boundaries of your property. If there’s potential for any lawsuit in the future, you can have construction or demolition work done to ensure that the building does not exceed its specified limits.


Residential land surveys aren’t simply restricted to highlighting the boundaries of any property. Instead, they are also responsible for gauging the topography of the region and conducting a general land survey of the entire area. They will create the official report and the maps of the place and then put their findings before the local building councils for review. Residential land surveys are usually carried out by private companies. Before you decide to buy any piece of land, it’s generally a better choice to get a survey done of the area.

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