The Importance of Oxygen Cleaning Services

Not all materials are the same and if you are in the metal finishing or fabrication business, it takes special equipment and techniques when you perform oxygen cleaning services. But what is this kind of service and why is it so very important today? Let’s look closer and see shall we?

Breathing Circuits and O2 Equipment

Modern oxygen equipment is life giving and because people are breathing this air from this product into their lungs, it must be totally clean and free of any contaminants. For example, even materials like stainless steel can have tiny bits of corrosion or materials which could cause breathing problems in some people.

It is not sufficient to simply clean breathing circuit components with soap and water or to use special chemicals. In fact, many cleaning chemicals can be caustic and would be considered unsafe to use in O2 equipment. Not only that, an O2 rich environment invites a number of oxidizing agents which can speed up the process of corrosion. In fact, in some cases, there could be a risk of combustion as O2 is highly combustible.

How Oxygen Cleaning Services Work

The best way to remove debris and contaminants does not involve manual scrubbing or using any kind of chemicals. Instead, the process is driven by something as simple as sound waves. Sonic technology isn’t new. In fact, it has been used in a number of applications like sonar and sonograms to see inside the human body.

How Does Sound Cleaning Work?

Using ultrasound technology, very high frequency waves of sound are generated from a machine. Sometimes special cleaning solvents are used but it can be as simple as water. The sound waves actually create many tiny bubbles which work like microscopic brushes to literally scrub the surface clean.

As the sound waves increase the cleaning bubbles grow in size and they implode on the surface of the area and this helps to remove many kinds of impurities.

Benefits of Oxygen Cleaning

Using the power of sound delivers several important benefits. First, it scrubs and cleans without scratching or marring the surface. Here are some additional benefits you can receive:

 * Cleans microscopic material that most methods miss.

 * Tightly bonded debris is easily loosened and flushed away.

 * Odd shapes and spaces can easily be cleaned.

 * Works best for metal parts

All kinds of parts can be effectively cleaned with ultrasonic methods. In fact, there are several procedures used and your oxygen cleaning service will recommend the most effective and efficient method for your materials.

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