The Importance of Opossum Removal Edmond OK Services

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Wildlife management on residential properties is an important aspect of living in Edmond, Oklahoma. Opossums are one of the biggest problems in residential areas. It is important to hire quality opossum removal Edmond OK services in order to protect your family and property. The following will describe the opossum and the importance of proper removal.

Opossum Facts

The opossum, also called the possum, is a marsupial which is a mammal with a pouch where they carry their offspring. These animals can survive and thrive in almost any climate and under almost any conditions. This is because they have a very flexible diet and tend to reproduce and colonize quickly and effectively. They are survivors known for “playing possum” which is their natural way to mimic being dead when they feel threatened. They even exude a foul-smelling odor when they play dead.

Even though they are not related to the rodent family, they still look like large rats with unruly fur and wild whiskers. They are gray and white with black ears. Most also have small black rings around their eyes, but they are not like the mask-like rings of the raccoon. These marsupials are adept swimmers and can climb just about anything. One of their common traits is how they walk in a stumbling, clumsy manner.

Opossum Habitats

Where can you find opossums? Technically, since they are adaptable creatures, they can be found in the forests, suburban areas, rural areas, or anywhere they have a wooded area nearby in which to escape. They are nocturnal and wonder around at night. They cannot make their own shelter. Instead, they are dependent on other creatures for cover. You might find them underneath buildings, hollow logs, or in burrows dug by other wildlife. They tend to crawl under the decks, crawl spaces, and sheds of residential properties. They can even cause damage to your home’s foundation.

The main reasons you want to choose the best opossum removal Edmond OK services is because while they are shy, they are not an animal you should confront. They are carriers of rabies, ticks known to cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and fleas. Critter Control of Oklahoma City offers safe and humane removal of opossums as well as specialists that can help with reparation of damage they cause on your property. Browse Site to find out how they capture and remove these animals from your property.

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