The Features To Look For In Outdoor Deep Seat Cushions

Patio furniture chairs are the most prized possessions in your backyard. Whether you have patio furniture that sits in the sun or in the rain all day, it is at high risk of getting damaged by nature. Make sure that every part of the chair is protected from rain, snow, and constant misuse. Know how to buy the highest quality of outdoor deep seat cushions for your patio.

Look for Water Resistance

When people buy patio cushions, they worry about the fabric being too water retentive. This means that when it rains, the material soaks up too much water that does not dry fast enough. The oversaturated material becomes impossible to sit on and starts to rot with bacteria.

You want the cushions to be made of soft fabrics, which make sitting comfortable, but you should not trade efficiency for comfort. Look for cushion materials that are covered in a waterproof plastic or coated with an industrial strength chemical. Synthetic seat fabrics are usually the best ones to use for this quality. Preferably, the water should roll right off the surface and not retain water.

Check for Mildew Resistance

Even if the water rolls right off the surface cleanly, your cushions could develop mildew. After many days and nights in the rain, mildew is likely to appear. In a humid environment with or without rain, the mildew forms slowly and becomes difficult to remove. Avoid natural fabrics that are more likely to form mildew than synthetic ones. The synthetic kind is easier to clean and less likely to fade under the sun.

Check the Fillings

Make sure that your cushion fillings are durable and waterproof. These fillings dry as quickly as the exterior if water enters inside. The time of drying depends on the types of materials, with the natural ones taking longer. Polyester and compressed polyfill are two materials that are known to dry quickly.

Review the Ease of Cleaning

Your outdoor deep seat cushions should be easy to clean in one or two attempts. Cleaning off surface stains should be easy, and so should cleaning off ingrained stains with a high-pressure washer. Mildew is harder to clean off, but you should be able to scrub the surface and remove any type of stain. Some fabrics are not suitable for cleaning and maintenance because they tear easily. Other fabrics are good for regular cleaning without risks of damage.

After a rainstorm, the rain should roll right off your patio furniture. When you sit back down on a patio chair, you should not sit in what seems like a pool of water. Invest in cushions that dry quickly without having to be hung up as if they were clothes. As a patio owner, maintain the efficiency of all furniture that stays out in the open. Click here to know more!

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