The Facts About Dentures in Tuscaloosa

The first impression that many people will have of you is your smile, so making your smile as pretty as possible should be something that is very important! Missing teeth can be a cause of discomfort for a lot of people. Many people remember their grandparents’ toothless grins, and when they try to picture themselves with that same face they feel a chill of embarrassment. Thankfully, dentures were made to not only replicate the biting pattern that teeth are needed for, but also for appearances.

There are two different types of dentures: partials and complete. Partial dentures are when only a few teeth are missing (two front teeth, bottom six teeth, etc.) and they will match your other teeth. Dentures in Tuscaloosa will provide you with an almost exact color match to your own teeth so you can’t tell where the partial begins and your real teeth end. Then, there are complete dentures which are when all your teeth have been removed and you will have two complete upper and lower denture pieces.

Rhodes and Rhodes Family Dentistry can make immediate dentures which you can use the same day as teeth removal or wait until the mouth bone and gums have become stable. Permanent dentures will be made from multiple dental and oral impressions made. Adjustments can be made if they don’t fit the first time and they can take some time to get used to them. Your gums may be a little sore but with the proper dentures you can experience very little pain.

Most people can’t tell when someone is wearing dentures. There have been great advances in oral science that make dentures appear to look like real teeth and are very reliable to not fall out of your mouth while eating. Something that can ease the transition is practicing doing normal things alone at first; eating, drinking, and speaking can be a little difficult at first so practice makes perfect. Dentures are not a shameful item but one that will bring normalcy back to your mouth. Once you are fitted for dentures and wear them for the first time, you’ll feel much better and you can be confident in every first impression! Click here to learn more.


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