The Difference Between Cosmetic And General Dentists Silver Spring MD

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Dentist

There are many differences between general and cosmetic dentists that most people don’t realize. Both general and cosmetic dentists start out with the same schooling. They attend medical school to become a doctor then, move on to specialize in dentistry.

The reason they need to be educated in becoming a medical doctor is because of the different medical situations that they encounter. Some of the situations the may face for instance is the patient being put under with anesthesia and the different problems that may occur. Dentists also prescribe medicines, whether it is for pain or antibiotic to help take care of any infections. Understanding what could happen and learning how to counter act any issues is the first part of their training. All of the practicing Dentists Silver Spring MD have gone through this first step of crucial training.

The next step is the actual general dentistry training. Learning the ins and outs of keeping peoples mouths clean and healthy. General cleaning, pulling teeth and prevention of oral diseases like gingivitis. Once this training is complete, some of the Dentists In Silver Spring have stayed with in this area of expertise. Then, there are others that want to advance their training by moving on to Cosmetic Dentistry. They are still considered general dentist but with advanced training in certain extra skills.

Cosmetic dentistry deals with individuals that have had trauma to there mouths, whether it is from a car accident or an athletic event. These dentists help people get their smiles back and ultimately feel better about themselves. When someone is afraid to smile because of the way their teeth look, it can be very demoralizing and can cause depression.

Some of the advanced skills learned by cosmetic dentists are surgical implants, porcelain veneers and dealing with diseases that cause tooth decay. Diabetes and neuromuscular diseases are two of the main disease that are very troublesome for the teeth. Because of the extra training Cosmetic Dentists Silver Spring MD are capable of dealing with these types of situations and make the best informed decision that best fits the individuals needs.

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