The Challenge Of Designing Team Building Activities And Ideas

As the head of the HR department, or as part of the professional development committee, how often have you been tasked with coming up with team building activities and ideas for a professional development training? With this request, did you feel a mounting sense of panic about the preparation, planning and simply in the overwhelming task of coming up with something that is new, fun for participants, and that actually addresses the goals and objects expressed by management?

Most HR staff and Department Heads have been put in this uncomfortable position. It is very challenging to develop team building activities and ideas that are meaningful, engaging and provide practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately transferred to the day to day work environment.

The Expert Solution

There are solutions to this problem that can overcome these challenges. The best option is to outsource the team building activities and ideas to specialized companies that have years of experience in customizing various games and activities to enhance a sense of team.

These companies have developed team building games that are both fun as well as highly educational. As the learning is done in a very collaborative and natural way, it is very insightful for the participants. It is also an interactive and immersive training option, which means the skills and knowledge of team interactions, collaboration and communication will be relevant to real-world applications.

This is very different than lecture-style training. These trainings provide theory and knowledge, but with no practical applications and real-world practice through activities and team building games, it is hard for staff to transfer the knowledge.

A very good example of a specialized company offering team building games and activities is d’fens. With over a decade of expertise in working with companies and businesses of all sizes, they can customize ideas and activities to bring deep insight on teamwork in a fun, collaborative environment. Give us a call today or contact us through the website to discuss unique ideas for your next professional development event. For more information, contact us through our online form for more information.

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