The Best Home Office Storage Solutions

If your home office is like most people’s, you have too much clutter. It’s easy to let paperwork accumulate, sticky notes litter your countertops, and your assortment of technology and wires occupy the valuable space on your desk. Depending on your home’s layout, it may not be a simple matter to install the kind of storage solutions that you need for a cleaner and more productive workspace, but that’s where custom cabinetry comes in!

The following are only a few ways that you can utilize custom cabinet installation for optimizing your office space.

1. Shelves are essential. Open shelves, box shelves, any kind of shelves—all are perfect for customizable storage. By breaking up your books and folders with other decorations such as houseplants, knick-knacks, or photo frames, you can break the monotony of your shelving units and add a bit of personal flair. If there are certain things that you want to hide, place them in storage boxes that you can slip easily into customized square shelving units!

2. Your walls have valuable space. Use it! Wisebread points out that vertical walls resist clutter, unlike horizontal spaces. You may know this well. However, you can use walls for more than corkboards and hooks—build in cabinets, too! Thanks to custom cabinetry, your office can retain any aesthetic while integrating tons of new space.

3. If your office is particularly small, you’ll understand well the benefit that hidden storage can have! Make use of your office furniture and consult with custom cabinetry experts to discover new ways you can utilize the furnishings already taking up space in your office.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. With all the organization skills in the world, your office might still be a disaster until you’ve implemented the right solutions, customized specifically for your office’s needs.

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