The Basics Of Drupal Web Development For Chattanooga Websites

Drupal is a content management system that is used by small and large businesses. It is considered an enterprise class web application because it is fully scalable, highly flexible and has the ability to do what is needed for any type of website or for use on any and all types of devices.

An Effective Tool

For businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a content management tool that will be able to grow, expand and respond to their needs, Drupal web development is a must. You may be surprised to find out how many Chattanooga businesses are using this tool to create unique websites and provide options and services that are both original as well as extremely creative.

Even if you aren’t sure about the specifics of Drupal web development, you have seen it in action when you are on the web. It is a favorite of web developers because of the open-source nature of the software and the free templates, modules and themes. These are ideal to use on their own or they can be tweaked, modified and customized to make something completely unique.

Drupal 8

There is actually a new option in Drupal web development and that is Drupal 8. Like its predecessors, it is open source, which means it is developed, tested and continually improved and expanded by the community of web developers.

While designed to be a user-friendly option with starter packages and bundles that can be used for anyone with a bit of website design experience, it is really a masterful tool in the hands of a web design and development professional.

For example, some of the features of the modules offered include complete API tools. This allows the website and other sites features such as forms, social media, panels and databases to communicate. Wit this options visitors to the site can stay on the page while also interacting on other sites.
There are specialized modules for e-commerce, education, multilingual, statistics and SEO. Themes include those specifically designed with mobile devices in mind as well as utilizing full responsive design for easy viewing across all devices.

You may be surprised to find out which companies, organizations and agencies are using Drupal. The official White House website, as well as the US Department of Commerce, Harvard and M.I.T, Amnesty International, Reuters Labs, Popular Science and the Grammy and Emmy Awards sites, are all using Drupal. This is only a small number of the very large sites using this CMS, so isn’t it time you made the switch?

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