Tear the Track With BMW M3 Wheels

BMW is a brand that few possess and many dream off. The brand’s motor-sport division, known as BMW M introduced the BMW 3-Series in 1985. In this series, BMW M3 wheels gained popularity due to its high-performance characteristics. Soon it became the need of all racers and a constant on race tracks. When on the roads you can easily identify this car, as it sports a tri-color ‘M’ emblem. The popularity of M3 coupe can be appreciated from the fact that even after the last M3 was produced in Germany on 5 July 2013 and was later replaced by the M4 Coupe in 2015, still the M3 name is being used for the saloon version.

Making of the BMW M3

The BMW M3 was a derivative of the E30 and has about twelve body panels to improve aerodynamics and different wheel-arches to cater to wider tracks and get better clearance from the road. Apart from the body, the suspension and brake systems also underwent significant changes. The car was sold in coupe, saloon and convertible body styles. BMW performance is largely credited to its rear-wheel drive where the driving force is in the rear, and the engine is in the front, resulting in better distribution of load. An absolute winner on asphalt, the BMW M3 tends to lose ground to the other four-wheel cars on loose surfaces. The BMW M3 has been evolving continuously over the years since the 1990s. Manufacturers are trying to get more and more perfection into the systems. Additionally, in the after marketplace, buyers are deciding on what wheels can make their special car more aggressive.

BMW M3 Wheels

Being a very specific car, not every wheel can fit into the BMW M3. A preferred set of tires for BMW M3 generally is about 15” – 19” in diameter with a width of 7.5-8.5 inches and aspect ratio of 30-55%, while the rims have about the same diameter, lesser width and offset of 38+ mm for front and 25+ mm for the rear. The center bore is 72.56 mm and PCD are 5×120. Based on whether the BMW is a saloon type or coupe type, one may opt for the Contour wheels or the M Double Spoke wheels respectively. The Forged M Double Spoke wheels can be used when lighter and polished wheels are a preference. Lightweight wheels can easily enhance the performance of the BMW M3. Though factory wheels are a good benchmark for fitment, you may go for alternatives which may beat the factory standards in terms of benefits such as reduced depreciation rate and improved suspensions. Based on your preferences for size, style, material, finish and color variations, you can customize the BMW M3 wheels and give them a personal touch. This can result in a complete makeover and better look.

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