Some Awesome Facts About Moonshine

If you’ve always been fascinated with moonshine and moonshine making, now’s your chance to know more about your favorite homebrew:

Moonshine and whiskey

Moonshine and whiskey actually start out the same. In fact, moonshine refers to any type of alcohol made in secret in a bid to escape the high taxes or bans on alcoholic drinks. However, unlike moonshine, whiskey is typically put in oak barrels and left there to age for years. Depending on the barrel and grains used, whisky flavors could turn out to include a hint of cocoa, butter, vanilla and more.

Moonshining and moonshiners

The term moonshine originally comes from Britain. The term is used to describe any job or activity that was carried out late at night, under the light of the moon, says How Stuff Works. Since in those days, operators had to do a lot of their business well away from the eyes and ears of the law, they became known as moonshiners.


Moonshine is actually illegal in the United States. That’s because the government puts heavy taxes on spirits. They don’t want to lose any of that revenue if you start distilling your own brew for home use. So if you want to produce your own homebrews, you’d best keep this piece of information in mind.

Simple as they come

Distilling moonshine is easy. You won’t even have to look far and wide for the ingredients. Start with a good moonshine recipe, get the ingredients you need, along with the tools and follow the instructions. You can even experiment with different flavors and tastes. With so many types of moonshine recipe options out there, you’ll definitely have fun trying each one out.

Learning all about moonshine is fun. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting into if you ever decide to try your hand at making one. Like us at Facebook

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