Smog Checks – A Great Idea or a Thorn in California’s Side?

In the state of California, owners and drivers of all gas-powered vehicles made after the year of 1975 and diesel-powered vehicles made after 1997 are obligated to comply with state-mandated emissions monitoring. These emissions evaluations are also known as smog checks, and are to be performed regularly for all residents whose vehicles meet the requirements mentioned above. Additionally, new state residents must submit to these examinations upon entry of the state, falling into the routine of regular checks every few years, after.

Sounds Great, Right?

While the motivation for these checks is excellent and honorable – keeping the famously-polluted air in the California area cleaner and healthier for everyone and everything growing there – making a stop at the state’s smog check stations can also be a serious pain for those trying to remain in compliance with regulations. Avoiding the checks can mean costly penalties. However, drivers in the state often complain that these checks are unpleasant for many reasons, including:

  • They take too much time
  • They’re inconvenient
  • The wait is uncomfortable
  • The technicians are as unpleasant and unfriendly as the fellow drivers there to have the checks performed

So, what are California drivers supposed to do to keep their vehicles legal without putting their lives on pause to do it?

Modern Stations are Making Improvements

Today’s smog check stations are making vast improvements to the customer experience. After listening to feedback on the primary reasons drivers avoid these checks, modern businesses are looking to give patrons a quick and comfortable stop along their busy way rather than a step outside of their routine.

In Brentwood, CA, residents are required to undergo smog checks every two years. To meet this obligation, many smog check stations exist in the area and cater to locals in need of speedy, worry-free checks. The availability of stress-free environments – including knowledgeable technicians, comfortable waiting areas and a full gamut of customer resources – for people obligated to undergo these checks is a welcome relief for many local travelers.

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