Single In Boston But Too Busy To Date? 3 Reasons to Try Matchmaking

Are you tired of fending off tourists while taking a shortcut across the Common in hopes of running into a potential match? If your only chance to flirt is on the T or while grabbing a coffee at the donut shop on your route to work, using a matchmaker may be the perfect solution.

1. No Wasted Time
When you commute daily, work overtime, or take weekend business trips, you may feel that you simply have no time to date. Bars in Boston are full of singles, but as we all know, working the late-night singles scene has a limited success rate when it comes to launching a long-term relationship.

Perhaps you have never tried online dating, or maybe you are a seasoned dating veteran who has had no luck. The idea behind online dating is simple: to make potential love matches between two people who otherwise might have never met. Unfortunately, most people’s inboxes are flooded with duds the minute their profiles go live. If you are ultimately ready to settle down and start a serious relationship, sifting through dozens of dating profiles and messages can be a huge waste of time.

2. You’re A Potential Match Before You Meet
Do you have young married friends who met through church, a mutual friend, or relatives? In truth, online dating’s popularity is no match for the classic line, “we met through a friend”. A matchmaker acts in much the same way, using your hobbies and tastes to help you find the type of person you want. This immediately gives youhigher chances of finding compatibility and true chemistry with someone.

3. Don’t Worry About The Details
Do you feel like your work schedule has kept you out of the dating pool? A dating service such as LunchDates caters to young, career-minded professionals who would not otherwise have a chance to meet. If you cannot meet during your lunch break, your dating service might try Saturday brunch, Sunday dinner, or weekday evening drinks to make it work. The pre-arranged time, day, and location of the date mean you only need to worry about your outfit and conversational tools.

Speaking of location, a first date should be on neutral ground, to let you experience something new while still feeling comfortable. LunchDates organizes dates for singles in Boston using a list of approved restaurants, meaning you will not have to stress about things like the menu or (horrors!) health code ratings. In addition, the location will be convenient as possible for both you and your date. Consider using a matchmaker to find the relationship you have been looking for all along.

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