Simple Tips For Maintaining Good Pet Dental Health

Just like people, cats and dogs are prone to dental problems. Everyday wear and tear can lead to gum disease, broken teeth, or tooth loss. While most pet owners remember to brush their own teeth on the daily basis, many forget about their furry friend. Proper Pet Dental Health can help reduce the risk of problems down the road.

Once a year, every pet should have their teeth examined at an Animal Medical Center. This can be done as part of your pet’s yearly wellness checkup. During this exam, the vet will check for signs of gum disease, including swollen or bleeding gum tissue. They will also look for any damaged teeth. Unfortunately, it is not easy to see all of your pet’s teeth during a simple exam. This is why most dentists recommend a yearly deep cleaning. Owners should also look for signs of dental disease at home. Some signs, such as bad breath, are easy to spot. Other less noticeable symptoms, including loss of appetite and weight loss, are also warnings signs that your pet may have hidden tooth damage.

In order to gain access to your pet’s entire mouth for a deep cleaning, the vet will place your pet under general anesthesia. This allows the vet the ability to clean every tooth without danger of being bitten. It also keeps your pet calm and safe. Not only will the vet clean each tooth, but they will also extract any damaged teeth. Pets are notorious for hiding pain from their owners, so many people are unaware that their pet has broken teeth. Once the pet wakes back up, they will be groggy and sleepy. The full effects of the anesthesia should wear off within a few hours.

Having your pet’s teeth examined and cleaned every year by a local veterinarian is a crucial part of maintaining good Pet Dental Health. In addition, remember to brush your pet’s teeth several times every week. Giving your pet dental chews as treats is another way to prevent tartar buildup. Pets rely on their owners to manage their health care needs. Taking the steps to insure good dental hygiene will help prevent other health issues later in life. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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