Signs You Need Wheel Hub Repair

If you own a car one of the things to eventually look out for are signs that you need wheel hub repair. Your tires may feel loose or your steering may seem strange if you need wheel hub repair. You may also notice some odd noises emanating from your vehicle.

Wheel Hub Repair Signs Can Mean Damage Has Occurred

Signs that your wheel hub may need repair are hard to see, but if you listen closely and pay attention, the noises you hear coming from your vehicle can give you some pretty clear clues.

Snapping, Clicking or Other Noises Things to Listen For

The main issue with needing to get a wheel hub bearing fixed is that it will be making strange noises. For instance, snapping and clicking mean the outer CV joint is likely damaged. Grinding noises may mean that there is loss of integrity to your bearings.

Other Things Can Cause Bad Wheel Hub Bearings

However, other things besides noise could come into play, such as extreme bearing wear or looseness sometimes causes abnormal tire wear or a strange vibration or shutter could mean a bearing has some kind of mechanical damage. Automatic braking system (ABS) failure is another issue that might be due to a bad wheel hub.

How to Check for a Bad Wheel Hub Bearing

There are a few things you can do by yourself to check to see if you may need wheel hub repair. These include turning your wheel and seeing if there is noise or roughness, as well as seeing if there is a lot of looseness in the wheel when you drive. Plus, you can check out the temperature of the wheel hub after driving for a few minutes, and if it is hot then it could be bad. It is always best to take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic who can fix the problem before more damage occurs.

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