Respect Emergency Vehicle Sirens for Your Safety and the Safety of Others

Rules of the road are in place for a very important reason and it is necessary that motorists and pedestrians abide to these rules. Traffic lights, road signs and emergency vehicle sirens all have at least one thing in common. They are there for the safety of those utilizing the roads and highways and failure to acknowledge them could lead to serious injury or even death. There are accidents caused each day because a motorists failed to obey or acknowledge the laws of the highways. Although not all accidents are due to this type of negligence, many of them are and could easily be prevented if attention was given to stop lights, yield signs and emergency responders in the area. The significance of emergency vehicle sirens goes far beyond simply acknowledging their approach but respecting what they represent is important also.

According to the Law

The law for how motorists should react when an emergency responds has been the same for many years. As a driver on any highway, whenever emergency vehicle sirens are approaching, slow the vehicle down and proceed to the right. This clears a safe path for the emergency vehicle to pass through as long as all motorists are following this rule. The issue is that not all motorists adhere to this rule. There are many that know it and simply fail to do it, while others may not be sure what to do and immediately begin to panic. Every motorists should make themselves aware of the laws of the highway, especially as they apply to sirens from law enforcement, fire and rescue and paramedic services.

Attention to Your Surroundings

Drivers should pay close attention to the conditions surrounding them on the highway at all times. This allows them to remain aware of what is going on and gives them the ability to react accordingly in emergency situations. It is not likely for someone to drive more than two miles without at least glancing in their rear view mirror. This is a good practice for those on the highway because it enables the driver to know that there is an emergency vehicle siren approaching before it’s too late to respond properly. Emergency vehicle sirens are designed to submit audible and visual alerts for those in the path of the vehicle. As a motorist, it is important to respect the severity of the conditions surrounding any emergency and failing to do so could lead to a loss of life.

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