Renting Party Supplies? 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Party planning can bring out the crazies. Think about your mother trying to corner the caterer about serving her experimental canapes to the guests, an ice machine shooting blocks of ice that’s effectively knocked the cook unconscious and you picking pimentos out of your hair because the tray of drinks tipped while the waiter was gliding behind your chair—these could all happen in your next party. With so many things to stress over, you might want to get help. Hiring a firm for party rental supplies in Beverly Hills will ensure you have one less worry off your plate.

Want to stay on top of everything? Here are a few things you’ll want to take note of when you hire a rental company:

The rental contract

That contract is going to be legally binding between you and the firm. It’s only right that you read through it, chapter and verse. Don’t try to skip any sections. If there’s anything that doesn’t sit well with you, raise issues and clarify points with the company before you proceed.

The deposit

The amount is typically one-third of the total cost of the rental price, says The Knot. If the company asks for a deposit higher than that, that could be a red flag. If they’re pushy about it, don’t get taken in or give in to the pressure. Walk away and hire another rental company instead.

The inventory

Consult the list of items you’re renting before and after the event to make sure the list is still complete. Look over the condition of every item. Damaged table? Note that down with the company so you won’t end up paying for any damage that wasn’t your fault anyway. Once the party is done, run through the inventory list for party rental supplies in Beverly Hills again and check the condition of each item to make sure everything is in order before you return them.

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