Remembering Individuals Who Have Chosen Cremations in Davis, CA

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Cremation

 Many individuals are choosing to forgo the traditional funeral and go with a cremation. cremations in Davis CA are becoming more and more popular due to their cost effective nature and eco-friendly design.

Even though this funeral service is becoming a popular choice for many individuals, there are still people who are reluctant to choose to type of service. They are reluctant to choose to type of service because they feel that it does not provide family, friends, and other loved ones with the opportunity to mourn or remember them. Planning a memorial service can help individuals who have chosen Cremations in Davis, CA have the type of funeral they want while choosing a cost effective and eco-friendly funeral service.

Many individuals who have chosen cremation funeral service wish to have some type of memorial service. A memorial service can be held at a local church, funeral home, or any other special place. This memorial service is often used as an opportunity for friends, family members, and loved ones to reflect upon the life and times of the individual who has passed.

Memorial services for those who have chosen Cremations in Davis, CA can have all the same elements of a traditional funeral service. Individuals can send flowers as a gesture of remembrance, religious leaders can come and say prayers and lead the family through a service, and people can just gather and mingle. The only difference between a cremation and traditional funeral is who the individual will be buried.

In addition to the cost effective nature and the eco-friendly design, cremations are popular because family and friends have something to remember the individual by when they have passed. Many families and friends will plan on having the ashes of the individual who is cremated placed in a special urn or box. This box can be placed in a special location of the home, where people can remember and reflect upon the individual who has passed.

While traditional funerals used to be the norm for funeral services, cremations have started to gain in popularity. More and more people are choosing a cremation over funerals every day.

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