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If you believe you have a good cause for Compensation Claims in Halifax from personal injury, illness, disease, or psychological trauma, you should consult with a legal advisor about your claim. The laws are changing in the UK very soon; you will want to question the attorney about the new laws and your responsibility in costs before you decide if you will file a claim.

Here are some claims that have been made public due to their nature or outlandishness. You could possibly win a compensation claims in Halifax but be shunned in public if it is too outlandish.

Redhead Thinks Banker’s Comment was Racist

A redheaded bank customer doing business with her husband in the bank was insulted by the bank employee. The customer’s cell phone rang and her daughter’s picture popped up. The bank employee commented, “I bet your daughter is glad she is not ginger like you.”

The woman later felt that she had been a victim of racist behavior and reported the incident. The bank had offered her £25, but she was not satisfied with that. She claims that it was not about the money; she really wanted an apology from the bank or the employee. She finally did get an apology and a higher settlement of £50 for her treatment from the employee.

Halifax Mortgage Confusion

This happened in 2011, but is still quite the headline. Halifax is ‘forced’ to pay £500 to mortgage customers because their contracts were confusing. Goodwill payments will be offered to 300,000 mortgage holders. Evidently, there was a contracted interest rate cap between 2004 and 2007; mortgage holders were under the impression that the payments would be capped at a 2% above the Bank of England rate, and they would be notified when/if the rates changed.

In late 2008, the cap was raised to 3%, but Halifax did not notify customers. Halifax notes that they were not obliged to notify every customer. Thousands of people have been paying 3% over the base rate since January 2009 and did not know. Lloyd’s (Halifax) does not believe they did anything wrong, but does admit there could have been some confusion. The affected customers will gladly accept the settlement payments, but the cap will continue at 3%.

These are two somewhat extreme cases that would not cause most people to file a claim. In the case of the mortgages, it was more of a class action type claim, but if you feel that you have been seriously injured, mentally or physically, and you feel it is a valid claim for compensation, you should pursue Compensation Claims Halifax and legal advisement. A proper attorney will give you advice and a professional opinion about your case and whether they believe you would be awarded any compensation.


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