Reasons to Hire Glaziers in Guildford for Home Improvements

Many homeowners who want to increase the value of their property will contact glaziers in Guildford. These professionals can provide a broad scope of home improvement services, from double glazing to conservatory building. Simple changes could make a big difference to the house value, which could benefit you financially if you plan on packing up and moving in years to come. If you’re not quite sure what glaziers are trained to do, take a look at the main services offered by someone in this industry.

Double Glazed Windows

If your main focus is saving money and reducing your carbon footprint when making home improvements, you should have faith in what the Energy Saving Trust has to say about double and single glazed windows. This type of glass is designed to stand the test of time and if you maintain it properly, it may not need replacing for 20 years or more! With annual energy savings of approximately £170, investing in double glazed windows is a good idea for every homeowner. To improve heat retention and sound proofing further, choose triple glazed windows. While glaziers in Guildford may charge more to install this glass, it will last longer and give an even better return on investment.

Shower Screens and Splash Backs

Whether your kitchen is designed with a traditional or contemporary theme, investing in splash backs will be extremely worthwhile. Why, you ask? Well, glaziers in Guildford can provide a varied range of splash backs in different sizes, colours and glass types. The same goes for shower screens, which are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. These simple additions to a room could increase property value and add aesthetic appeal. Make sure you take some time to research the different shapes, trims and polished edges before making an investment.

Safety Glass Installation

There are certain rules and regulations for safety glass installation. Reliable glaziers in Guildford will be able to help you select the correct type of safety glass for your commercial or residential property. The main reason why people get safety glass installed is to reduce the chances of damages and break-ins. Used in a variety of applications, it is thermally stronger than normal glass and is crafted in a different environment to other types, due to the fact chemical treatments are applied.

Allways Glazing Works Ltd are highly professional glaziers offering their fantastic services to both homes and businesses in Guildford and the surrounding area.

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