Rail Vehicle LED Signal Lights Offer Many Benefits

Today’s rail vehicles may contain a great deal of lights, especially when it comes to transportation vehicles for subways and other rail systems. Because transit vehicles need many different types of bulbs, it can be a constant process, just monitoring and replacing them. However, to greatly improve bulb maintenance issues, many companies today are turning to LED signal lights and here are some important reasons why.

Pure Colors

With many standard commercial bulbs, you have to use plain white bulbs and then supply colored covers. This can create all kinds of problems when the covers become cracked or broken. With LED bulbs, the color is part of the bulb and you get a much better color quality. In fact, the light is clear and easy to see and you will enjoy enhanced visibility. This is a very important for external lighting in times of fog and inclement weather.

Energy Savings

Every municipality is interested in saving money on power. In fact, electricity can be one of the biggest operating expenses to be concerned with. On average, LED signal lights can use ten times less power for the same amount of light. If you have a large transit or rail system with hundreds or even thousands of bulbs, the savings can be significant. Imagine cutting your energy bill by such a huge amount. This is a very impressive accomplishment for someone in management, looking to add to his or her career portfolio.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Led signal lights last so much longer than standard counterparts. In fact, many of these bulbs will not require changing for about 10 years or so. This can drastically reduce electrical maintenance, saving the transportation system an enormous amount of money and man hours. Also, these lights generate very low amounts of heat, so you can avoid many common heat related maintenance issues.

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