Questions You Should Ask as You Select Auto Accident Lawyer Sterling VA

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident will at one point require you seek the services of an auto accident lawyer Sterling VA. This will either be to help you seek compensation or represent you against liability cases. As in many other cases, the process of searching and selecting the lawyer should be done with top most consideration. The lawyer you select is a significant determiner in the success of your case. The process followed is similar as in other instances.

One of the most important stages in this process of selecting the appropriate auto accident lawyer Sterling VA is at the initial consultation stage. Here you meet with all the lawyers you had shortlisted and have an interview with them. This will form the basis of your selection of the best auto accident lawyer to work with. It is very important to know which areas to focus on during the interview and which questions to ask. The following are the areas and questions to ask.

  • Background and experience. This should be the first area of focus. Questions here include, for how long has the auto accident lawyer been practicing? Does he solely concentrate on auto accident cases or also practices in other niches? Has the lawyer ever handled cases similar to yours? How many cases does he or she handle every year? How many go to trial and how many are settled? You would also want to know the university attended and any professional bodies the lawyer is a member of in addition to any other qualification.
  • The approaches and style of the lawyer. It is important to know the view and legal philosophy of the auto accident lawyer. Understand how he approaches his other cases and yours in particular and any specific strategies that will be used. It is also important to know whether you will be the one to make decisions or the lawyer.
  • Case management. This is a very critical area and could be what separates most firms from each other. You should know who will be managing the day to day running of your case. Who will be your contact person? Will other attorneys take part and to what extent? Who will handle negotiations and who will be making progress reports and their frequency? You should only settle for the auto accident lawyer whose style of case management you are comfortable with.
  • Legal fees and settlement. You should get to know whether you have a case or not. In case you have one, the likely settlement to expect. At the same time get to know whether you will be charged a contingency fee or on an hourly rate. See if there is any retainer, how much of the settlement will the law firm take and expected sum total of all expenses and fees and the likely amount you will take home having deducted it.

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